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Ford trucks

Dodge trucks

International-Harvester trucks

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Boeing's official site

Edwards Air Force Base official site

USAF Fact Sheets. A resource for technical data for U.S. Air Force aircraft.

The Federal Aviation Administration official site

An index of airports around the world. It also has radio frequencies for numerous services (especially in New England).

the Aircraft Owners and Pilot's Association official site

Aviation Image Archive, including among others, images of World War II and Vietnam era aircraft.

USAF Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton, Ohio official site

NASA Mars Exploration

The Aviation Enthusiasts Corner. Good information available on various museums and air shows. Note: As of 2/13/05, this website may no longer be maintained.

Ford trucks

Ford's official site

Navistar/International's official site

Oilburners.net. Excellent online message forum dedicated to diesel trucks from Ford as well as Dodge and GM.

Diesel Injection Service, based in Amarillo, TX. Good source for fuel injection components for the 6.9l and 7.3l IDI diesels.

Diesel Performance Specialists, Inc. Their name says it all, but in addition to the standard Powerstroke/Cummins/Duramax mods, there are people working on modifications for the Ford/Navistar IDI.

Ziggster's Webpage. Includes articles on Ford IDI glow plugs, home-made propane injection for any diesel engine, cruise control diagnostics for '83-'91 Ford trucks (may cover up to '94), and various other articles.

Shimon Mor's page. Includes write-ups for various maintenance projects on his '85 Ford F-250, including a Banks turbo install, suspension work, and various other articles.

An article from Off-Road Adventures Magazine on the '83-'86 Ford 6.9l diesel.

Dodge trucks

Dodge's official site

Cummins' official site

Oilburners.net. Excellent online message forum dedicated to diesel trucks from Dodge as well as Ford and GM.

Cummins Northwest board. Online message forum that enables Power Booster members to communicate with each other and with Cummins Northwest, Inc.

Dave Fritz's Dodge site. A MUST SEE for diesel Dodge owners!

Ramrunners.org.A site for a TDR-affiliated diesel club in the San Francisco Bay Area

International-Harvester trucks

Navistar's site

Anything Scout's site. A good Scout part dealer in San Jose, CA. Be nice to them; I used to work for them :)

Super Scout Specialists Inc. Another parts dealer, this one in Springfield, Ohio

The Binder Bulletin's site. GOOD stie with lots of information.

Joe's Equipment Sales Company. Sells parts for the SD-33T; located in Ceres, CA.

Binder Books: a site that sells IH literature

IH Forum on Off-Road.com

IH Scout Diesel Page:Eldon McFarling's site on diesel-powered Scouts

Atari STeve's Scout page with lots of info and trivia

Tom Madera's Scout II site

Jim Weed's Scout history

Erick's Scout II page

D and C Extreme: they build custom equipment for Scouts and other 4x4's

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